Kids and Carers Home Build Underway

IT might have been raining for the first time in weeks and a cold wind was blowing across the site but you could still see the smiles on the tradies as they commenced work on the new home for the 4 Kids and Carers Future Foundation (4KCFF) on Friday morning.

The tradies under the direction of ‘Stretch’ Everitt installed the under slab and water and sewer pipes in fairly quick fashion thanks to a good roll-up of workers.

“The rain was no problem it just settled the dust,” Stretch said.

“It was done in quick time and it was a fantastic result.”

Stretch praised the tradies who turned up on the day including Clayton Hines (Hines Plumbing), Dave Erickson (Erickson’s Plumbing, who also supplied a digger), Mark Wallis (Wallis Plumbing), Dylan Adam and John Paul as well as Toil ‘N’ Soil, who supplied the crush rock and bedding, and Tradelink and Ipex who supplied all the fittings.